Crafty Cooks

Every Friday Toby and I go to Crafty Cooks in Urmston and make yummy cakes, biscuits and other treats. Toby loves it and he is really getting good at mixing and rolling! Santa may even be bringing Toby a new apron and baking set for Christmas! I had my camera with me for one of the sessions when we were making firework biscuits, and despite having messy hands and difficult lighting I managed to get a few shots of the fun.

Whilst our goodies are baking in the oven Beth has a little fun activity for the kids… making milky colour explosions, bird feeder apples, cous cous salads. Toby and the other children love experimenting with new foods, spices and textures. They also love to runs round the church hall at the end!

Ive eaten half of the mince pies we made this week, they are delicious and Toby was so pleased when he showed them to Daddy!

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