How far will you travel for a wedding?

I will travel all over the UK and overseas! If your wedding is over 100 miles away then I may need to stay overnight which can be discussed upon enquiry.

Do you offer half days or reduced packages?

If your wedding is Monday-Thursday and not during peak season then a half day or shorter day can be discussed.

How many images will I get?

A minimum of 500 images fully edited… usually more like 600-800 depending on the length of the wedding, number of guests and amount of dancing!

Do you offer albums?

Of course! I have some beautiful sample albums priced from £200 that I can bring along to an enquiry meeting. I use Folio albums, which are handmade fine art albums printed and bound here in the UK.

 Can I print from the disc?

Yes! Please do! I love it when I see brides and grooms have filled lots of frames with gorgeous pictures of their day! Print as many as you like and the images are provided on disc to be printed up to around A1 in size.

How can my friends and family view the pictures?

Once I’ve edited all your images I will upload them to an online, password protected gallery and send you the link which you can then pass onto your friends and family. They can download individual images or order prints if they like.

What happens if it rains?

I can photograph in any weather, my kit is weatherproof as am I! In fact some amazing shots can be produced in the wind or rain or snow! I understand you may not want to venture outside so I can do shots indoors using flash if necessary. At some point during the day hopefully it may become dry enough for us to grab a few outdoor shots as natural light is the best for beautiful colours and tones.

Do you take formal group pictures?

I set aside some time to do group shots, however taking these is often more time consuming than bride and grooms think, and can becomes a bit of chore! I understand the importance of having formal photos with people that make the day special. I try to assist the bride and groom with this process to ensure the day runs smoothly, allowing me time to focus on taking more natural shoots capturing the occasion and documenting the special day.

Do you require a meal?

I don’t expect a meal, I usually pack some food or grab some food if there is somewhere local.

How long do you spend on portraits?

Usually about 20 minutes after the ceremony and if there is a gorgeous sunset then maybe another 15 minutes in the evening.

How long will it be before we receive our pictures?

6-8 weeks depending on season. Editing images takes a lot longer than taking them, especially when you are a perfectionist like me!

How long do you photograph for?

I start usually around the time of hair and makeup and finish at 10pm.

Do you cover groom prep as well as bridal prep?

If the groom is getting ready in the same venue or is very close by I can pop and get some shots. If you would like more groom coverage and don’t want to miss any bridal preparation then I can organize for  a second photographer to come along for all or part of the day at an extra cost.

Can I upload and share my photos onto social media websites such as Facebook?

Yes! Once you receive the images they are yours to print, share however I love seeing my work on facebook and all the lovely comments. In fact you would be doing me a huge favor by sharing images with a small watermark on so people know who took the pictures. Most of my work comes from recommendations and social media.

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